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Seasonal Affective Disorder

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You Are Not Alone

Holiday Blues – Unmet Expectations

Holidays are a time of celebration and family. Expectations are high as we look forward to experiencing something good in life.  However, sometimes these expectations are not fully realized.  Holidays for some people, can be a time of grief, sadness and loss. As a result, the holidays can serve as a trigger for an episode of feeling “blue” or depressed.  Anniversaries of significant events like the loss of a parent or even your own health can serve as a trigger as well.

Everybody has felt blue or sad at some point in their life, but these feelings for some, can be experienced as a very intense episode of depression.  During these times if you or somebody you know is experiencing a severe episode of depression, then seeking help may be necessary.

Please look at the attached document for a review of Holiday Blues and where you can seek help.

Thank you,

Mark Freedman, MA, LCSW
Thurston-Mason BHO, Administrator


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