Interlocal Agreements

Thurston-Mason Interlocal Agreement

Governing Board Resolutions

19-042020 Employee Benefits10/17/19
19-03Integration Position Changes10/17/19
19-02BHA Crisis Services Position6/20/19
19-01Meeting Frequency and Locations2/21/19
18-13Budget for 201912/20/18
18-12Chief Executive Officer Signing Authority11/9/18
18-112019 Benefit Cost Share Rates10/12/18
18-10Review by Health Care Authority to Participate in WSIP10/12/18
18-09Establishing 4 New Positions and Reclassification of 6 Positions9/20/18
18-08Reclassification of 2 Positions7/19/18
18-07Reclassification of 1 Position6/08/18
18-06Mason County MIO Position3/15/18
18-05Creating One Position2/9/18
18-04Creating Two Positions and Amending Pay and Classification Plan2/9/18
18-03Reclassification of One Position2/9/18
18-02Governing Board Meeting Locations Update1/18/18
18-01Reclassification of Positions1/18/18
17-15Close Out Agreement12/15/17
17-142018 Budget12/15/17
17-13Creating 6 Positions12/15/17
17-12Quit Claim Deed Mary Elder12/15/17
17-11Creating 7 Positions11/09/17
17-102018 TMBHO Benefits10/19/17
17-09Creating One New Position9/21/17
17-08 Organization of TMBHO LLC8/17/17
17-07Establish New Positions8/17/17
17-06Establish Pay and Class7/20/17
17-05Participation in Deferred Comp ICMA5/18/17
17-04Approval to Work with Health Care Authority re:participation in PEBB5/18/17
17-03Extend Social Security Benefits to BHO Employees5/18/17
17-02Allows BHO Employees Participation in PERS5/18/17
17-01Purchase PUD Building1/19/17
16-14Agreement with Mason County for $275,000 Transfer for PUD Purchase12/15/16
16-13Agreement with Superior Court 
16-12Adopt 2017 Budget12/15/16
16-11Agreement with Prosecuting Attorney for ITA11/10/16
16-10Voucher Process10/19/16
16-09Mason County Millage10/19/16
16-08Agreement with Clerk’s Office for ITA10/19/16
16-07Agreement with Public Defense for ITA10/19/16
16-06Adopt 2016 Budget7/21/16
16-05Revision to Regular Meeting Times6/9/16
16-04Establish Non-county Fund with Thurston County Treasurer4/14/16
16-03Contract for Administrative Services3/31/16
16-02Membership with Enduris3/31/16
16-01Set Meeting Times/Locations3/10/16
42-15 (Mason County)Code Replacement and Formation of TMBHO with Mason County9/15/15
15183 (Thurston County)Establishes TMBHO9/15/15
Interlocal AgreementMason County Millage10/19/16